ribute to Raven


From Raven on her passing:
I came to you innocent
I came to you free
I came to you open
To all possibilities

You are my life
You are my world and then,
Somewhere, at sometime,
I became your world too.

We played then
Games that were between
The two of us.

There were others,
Dogs, and cats and people
Who joined,
But it was you and I
Who played the game.

You were there for me
And at the end,
Gave me days beyond
My years.

These days have been filled
With all that is you
And all that is me.

They are etched in the sun's reflection
On the water,
They are etched in a bird's song
In the trees,
They are etched in the stillness
Of the woods.

I shall wait for you there,
In the sun, in the water and
In the woods.

When you see the breeze on
The leaves of the trees,
When you see the snow flakes'
First fall,
When, out of the corner of your eye,
You catch a glimpse
You will know that I am watching
And you will know
That I am with you,

Karla Kimmey. For Joy and Raven.
June 27th, 2005.



Love you forever, Mom and Ernie